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osama ahmed


osama ahmed

Surveyor Manager , Agricultural Engineer

[email protected]

Member Since 2018

Candidates About

Name: Osama Ahmed Abdel Alhlam

Mobile Number   : 01014530115

E-mail: [email protected]

Surveyor Manager &     Agricultural Engineer


المعهد الفنى للمساحة مساحة
كليه زراعة القاهرة استصلاح الاراضى

جيد جدا

Work & Experience

Surveyor Manager DNC Dai Nippon Construction Japanese

Construction of the freedom bridge of South Sudan

Surveyor Manager Hassan Mohamed Allam Sons

Golf Views Project Palm Hill
Project to establish an integrated city of Colf and villas and Roads on an area of 360 acre

Surveyor Manager DNC Dai Nippon Construction Japanese

The project for Urban Water supply in Debub Region / Eritrea (Japanese Grant
With DNC (Japanese group Dai Nippon setting it DAI Nippon Construction

Surveyor Hassan Mohamed Allam Sons

– Draft Termmim the house of Sheikh Sadat (Cairo Project Historical Films)
– Construction of the Media Production City 6th of October City

Professional Skills

  • Auto desk lan d (the program calculate ( quantities of drilling and filling.
  • Excel & word .Surfer. Auto CADExcel & wordExcel & word