Marwa Soultan Abd El_Aleam Sayed Habib

Name:Marwa Soultan Abd El_Aleam Habib

Age:I am 22years old

Title:Street Hamdy Nabawi, Sryaquse Al-Khanka Center Al-Gaubeiah

Gacality Of Commerce Ain-Shams University Fourth stage

I Know I Speaking English Very Good /useing Commputer




  • Speak English very good /useing computer very good and work under pressure


2016 / 2021

/ Facality of commerce Ain- shams university the fourth stage at Sryaquse school

Phone number 01009971014

Am Start 2016 and end 2021

Facality Of Commerce Ain-Shams University Fourth Stage at Sryaquse School

Phone Number01009971014

الخبرات (الوظائف السابقة والحاليه)


Sales at Vodafone

I Know I Speak English Very Good /Useing Computer Very Good and Work under pressure

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