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عبدالرحمن محفوظ محمود حسن عليان


عبدالرحمن محفوظ محمود حسن عليان

مهندس مدني

[email protected]

مسجل منذ 2018

Candidates About

I have been working in the engineering field for one years as site engineer and designer, and during that time I have been a part of multiple projects, including ones that focused on the maintenance of several roads and the design of Rehabilitation of Al – Manayef canal in Ismaily city. I am particularly detail oriented, and I have always been praised for my ability to foresee potential problems and make proactive plans.

In my previous role as Civil Engineer, I was responsible for examining the stability of structure that we were building and assessing how it would withstand an earthquake. I also helped with the maintenance and upgrading of several roads that needed drainage to make the roads safer for travel and improve the longevity of the road’s surface.

I am not only attentive to detail when designing and maintaining building . I am also attentive to the criticism of others, and I highly value feedback that will make my projects run more smoothly. I appreciate straightforward yet relaxed professional interactions, and I aim for that dynamic with all of my colleagues and outside contacts.

Professional Skills

  • auto cad / sap 2000 / etabs / safe /csi colume / site skills /manage skills